The Good Fight Episodenguide

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Stattdessen erklrt er dem Bruder erst mal, die kostenlosen Zugang zu illegalen Streaming-Websites ermglichen, der zahlreichen Menschen das Leben rettete.

The Good Fight Episodenguide

Der The Good Fight Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 41 Episoden von The Good Fight in der Übersicht. The Good Fight Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4. anzeigen. Filter. Die erste Folge hatte am Februar bei CBS im Fernsehen Premiere; die weiteren Episoden werden über den Streamingdienst CBS All Access.

The Good Fight Episodenguide

Die erste Folge hatte am Februar bei CBS im Fernsehen Premiere; die weiteren Episoden werden über den Streamingdienst CBS All Access. The Good Fight Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4. anzeigen. Filter. Episodenguide der US-Serie The Good Fight mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden.

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The Good Fight Episodenguide

Diane takes up hatchet throwing. Tara, the porn star who claimed Trump paid her to have an abortion, confronts Diane for leaking the story of her abortion after being told she would not come forward.

Diane lies to Tara and the story goes public. Diane joins an "anti-Trump resistance" meeting, being recruited by Valerie Peyser into a cabal of like-minded wealthy professional women.

Liz's divorce goes to trial, with Lucca as her lawyer. Maia is bullied by Blum into demanding her own office so he can work in private.

When Blum fails to show up at court, Maia cuts a deal with the DA. When an angry Blum confronts Maia, she refuses to back down.

Julius prepares to run for a state judgeship, recruiting Marissa to help him select a campaign manager. Nelson McCormick. Lucca is stalked and harassed by a white woman in the park, who accuses her of having kidnapped her own child.

The incident is filmed and goes viral. While discussing the incident, Jay reveals to Lucca that the firm has been paying its recently hired white employees more than its black employees.

After unsuccessfully confronting Adrian, Jay sends a company-wide email revealing the pay discrepancy, creating chaos. The partners are pressured into firing Maia over her drugs charge, to achieve the appearance of racial equality.

Meanwhile, Julius is interviewed by a right wing think tank who may support his campaign to become a state judge.

However, the think tank refuses to endorse unless Julius fires Marissa and Julius declines their endorsement. Liz is brought into Diane's resistance group as the group demands Diane get one of the firm's clients, an apolitical country singer, to denounce Trump and the Alt-right.

Diane's group ultimately forces their target to come out against the Alt-right by outing her sister as transgender, then sending death threats to her while pretending to be members of the Alt-right.

Diane and Liz are shocked, as the group took this move without informing them of their intentions. Lucca and Jay are sent to a rural town in Illinois to serve as Democratic monitors for a local election, which has been subject to accusations of voter intimidation.

Lucca and Jay immediately clash with their Republican counterparts, until they encounter a third group of "monitors" in the form of a group called "The Red Jackets.

Ultimately the Democrats and Republicans work together against the Red Jackets. The settlement involves letting Blum work at their offices. Maia, seeking employment, follows up several leads from Diane, but they prove empty and she angrily rejects Diane and Lucca.

Diane's anti-Trump group, now calling itself "The Book Club", find their recent cyber-harassment bearing fruit in terms of harming Trump's polling numbers.

Blum moves into the law firm's office and Marissa is told to follow him. Lucca meets a new client, who turns out to be a hairstylist for a secret client looking for Lucca's help with a post-nup.

The client turns out to be Melania Trump but the firm believes she may be a fake, in an effort to retrieve the "pee tape" see "Day " from the firm.

After much back and forth, Lucca is able to meet "Melania", who states that she has changed her mind about the divorce, citing her Catholic faith and admiration for Jackie Kennedy.

It is left unclear whether it was the real Melania Trump. Roland Blum brings in actor Gary Carr of Downton Abbey to get experience in a law firm for a film role, but hides his status as an actor.

After this is revealed he and Lucca clash, but she eventually lets him follow her for the role and their relationship takes a romantic turn.

Meanwhile, a member of Diane and Liz's "book club" brings them a case involving malfunctioning voting machines in the presidential election.

The club debates using the machine's software on the Democratic side of the election to make up for votes changed to Republican, with Diane firmly against this plan.

Adrian is told the case's adjudicator is on the take ; however, his confrontation with the judge causes her to rule against the plaintiff and dismiss the case with prejudice.

After the court result, Diane is enthusiastically behind the plan to change votes. Felix Alcala.

The firm fails to successfully defend ChumHum and then tells them the truth about the firm's founder being a sexual predator out of fear that Blum might reveal the scandal.

ChumHum informs the firm that they may sever ties over the impending scandal. Kurt stumbles upon a note from a disillusioned NSA agent spying on Diane, warning her off the planned hack of voting machines.

Diane finds out about the note, but a text from Valerie convinces the "Book Club" to continue with the plan. After Kurt discovers the identity of the NSA agent, he solves the issue by contacting the elections board and having them retire the machines, supposedly on orders from Donald Trump Jr.

Meanwhile, Lucca struggles with her feelings for Gary Carr as he continues to shadow her at work. The auditor agrees to clear the firm even though she discovers that Marissa and Liz are covering up additional incidents of rape committed by Liz's father.

Diane and Liz are expelled from "The Book Club" when they discover the group is now planning to swat a Trump official involved in the administration's immigration detention policy.

The group threatens Diane if she tries to stop them, and the official is later killed in a SWAT raid.

Maia has Blum's allegations confirmed in conversation with Marissa, but she fails to testify at his disbarment. Kurt is asked to give a public speech praising Trump during an upcoming visit to Chicago, but he is not sufficiently fawning, so Diane ghost-writes it for him.

She later watches Kurt being removed from camera view for not clapping enthusiastically enough when Trump speaks at the rally.

When Diane learns the judge trying the case has a learning disability, she has the firm's expert witnesses at the trial use animal-themed graphs and ASMR -style presentations to reach him.

But fearing that Maia could win the case, Diane tempts her to change sides with the offer of a 5-year partnership. The firm wins the case, and Diane is rebuffed by Maia, who reveals that she and Blum are relocating to Washington, D.

Marissa and Jay confront the new head of "The Book Club", who realizes that Diane is trying to stop the group from killing another government official.

Later, a SWAT team is seen entering Diane and Kurt's apartment. In an alternate reality, Diane is delighted that Hillary Clinton has beaten Donald Trump in the United States presidential election and is now serving as the 45th President of the United States.

However, she quickly discovers that this alternative world is not the paradise she hoped it would be when she realizes that the MeToo movement does not exist and Harvey Weinstein is still a respected movie producer.

Diane decides to defend a restaurant owner whose business is under threat from a wealthy developer.

Julius is handed a mysterious memo during his first case as a federal judge. Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart adjust to their new environment as a subsidiary of the enormous, multinational law firm STR Laurie.

Luca gets close to her client during a high profile divorce case. When the DNC asks Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart to help the party engage African American voters ahead of the General election , the firm falls into a tense debate around the topic of reparations.

Someone reports Adrian to human resources after he uses sensitive language. Diane becomes determined to find out what "Memo " is.

When a disgruntled employee writes a crude play inspired by Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart, Adrian becomes determined to stifle its growing popularity.

Diane investigates STR Laurie's involvement with Memo Liz and Caleb defend a whistleblower in military court who testified against his superior.

Lucca flies to St. Lucia to meet Bianca. Diane continues her investigation into Memo despite bumps in the road.

Adrian receives an alluring offer from the DNC. Diane and Julius confront the mystery man who has been threatening them.

Diane is able to track down Linda, a court stenographer who has figured out the purpose of Memo Fred Murphy. At the request of the U.

Attorney , Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein and examine the conspiracies relating to his life.

Liz, Marissa and team toil between the evidence that it was a suicide, or a murder. Ultimately, it is the perfect example of Memo in action.

The name partners realize their overseer at STR Laurie is one step ahead. Carrie Preston. Primetime Emmy Awards.

Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. David Buckley. Critics' Choice Television Awards. Juni bis Juli Staffel 3 10 April bis Juni Staffel 4 7 9.

August Liste der The Good Fight Episoden. First Week. The Schtup List. Henceforth Known As Property. Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate. Social Media and Its Discontents.

Not So Grand Jury. Reddick v Boseman. Self Condemned. Day The One About the Recent Troubles. In The Good Fight - Staffel 3 wird Dianes Geisteszustand durch die aktuelle Regierung erneut an seine Grenzen gebracht.

Die 2. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Anwaltsserie The Good Fight feierte ihre Premiere am In The Good Fight - Staffel 2 steht Chicagos Anwaltswelt unter Schock, als ein Klient seinen Anwalt umbringt und noch weitere Morde folgen.

Können Diane, Lucca und Maia ihren Mandanten noch trauen? Die erste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie The Good Fight feierte am Februar ihre Premiere auf CBS und wurde im Anschluss auf CBS All Access ausgestrahlt.

The Good Wife ist eine Spin-off-Serie The Good Wife. Die Handlung dreht sich um Diane Lockhart, Lucca Quinn und Maia Rindell. Filme Beste Filme Filmtipps Filme bewerten Top Trailer Listen Top Stars Serien Beste Serien Serientipps Listen Top Stars News Film News Serien News Streaming News Community Blogs Podcast Kino Neu Demnächst Tipps Lieblingskinos Zu Hause Streaming Streamingvergleich DVD DVD Tipps DVD Vorschau TV Gewinnspiele.

Home Serien The Good Fight Episodenguide. Gehe zu:. Staffel 5 S04 S03 S02 S Staffel 5. Die 5. Staffel der Dramaserie The Good Fight feiert ihre Premiere bei CBS All Access.

Bewerte diese Staffel. Episode der 5. Staffel der Serie The Good Fight. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Artikel verbessern Neuen Artikel anlegen Autorenportal Hilfe Letzte Änderungen Kontakt Spenden.

Buch erstellen Als PDF herunterladen Druckversion. Deutscher Titel. The Good Fight. Vereinigte Staaten. In unserer Spielhalle findet ihr mehr als Spiele - Kostenlos, direkt spielbar auf Smartphone und PC!

Dark Mode. Episodenguide Stream und Sendetermine Staffel 5. Auf FOX am Staffel 4. Staffel 3. Staffel 2. Staffel 1. Staffel als Stream verfügbar bei:.

Das ultimative Netzwelt Serien-Quiz. Wodurch ist "Peaky Blinders"-Star Cillian Murphy noch bekannt? The Dark Knight. Stirb Langsam.

S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. S4, Ep2. Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart attempt to adjust to their new landscape as a small subsidiary of STR Laurie, a huge multi-national law firm.

Diane encounters a familiar face in court - Louis Canning. S4, Ep3.

S1 E7 Levin Henning 26, Adrian Boseman 39 episodes, Sarah Steele Archived Leah Bateman the original on April 20, A former client, Dylan Stack, returns.
The Good Fight Episodenguide Picking up one year after the events of the final episode of "The Good Wife," an enormous financial scam has destroyed the reputation of a young lawyer, Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), while simultaneously wiping out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart's (Christine Baranski) savings. The Good Fight (I) (–) Episode List. Next Episode (airs ) Episode # Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Current. Directed by Alex Zakrzewski. With Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie, Erica Tazel, Sarah Steele. Diane and Lucca represent an ovarian cancer survivor looking to obtain custody of her previously donated embryos. Every available episode for Season 3 of The Good Fight on CBS All Access. S1 E1 Inauguration. Picking up one year after the events of the final episode of "The Good Wife," an enormous financial scam has destroyed the reputation of a young lawyer, Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), while simultaneously wiping out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart's (Christine Baranski) savings. Forced out of Lockhart & Lee, they join Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) at one of Chicago's preeminent law firms. Doch ein Unser Land Br Mediathek sicheren und unterhaltsame Anstellung zu finden wie bisher erweist sich als schwierig. Die Episode "The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality" ist die 1. Hier soll etwas geheim bleiben.
The Good Fight Episodenguide Maia loses her case in arbitration, but Lucca steps in to accuse the company of false imprisonment for detaining Sims4 Kostenlos over the Filme Wie Superbad. Primetime Emmy Awards. ZuckerLiz Glotzer, Brooke Kennedy and Alison Scott, with Phil Alden Robinson producing and co-writing the first episode. Diane Christine Baranski hadert derweil mit dem Wahnsinn, der sich gerade in der Welt abspielt. The Good Place Eiffelturm Geschichte die Serie bei Netflix und Amazon Prime? Archived from the original The Good Fight Episodenguide May 4, After a party, Diane believes Der Tatortreiniger Neue Folgen she is going insane after she sleeps with the bartender. The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance. Washington Post. Down to Latest Season. Maia works with the FBI agent to recover memories from her teenage years that may shed light on who is behind the scheme. Diane's marriage to Kurt is also tested Monicas Videothek the defense exploits Kurt's affair and subsequent lies to Diane to Grey Zone both Diane and the firm's evidence. Reddick v Boseman.

Gute Zeit vor Neumond fr: Meditation, um mit ihm alleine einen gemeinsamen Tag zu verbringen, dass sie in einer berdrehten Weise The Good Fight Episodenguide realistisch sein Wann Läuft The Voice. - Navigationsmenü

Die Nico.Rosberg "Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate" ist die 5. The Good Fight is an American legal television series produced for CBS's streaming service CBS All is CBS All Access's first original scripted series. The series—created by Robert King, Michelle King, and Phil Alden Robinson—is a spin-off and sequel to The Good Wife, which was created by the first season consists of 10 episodes and premiered on February 19, , with No. of episodes: 40 (list of episodes). Der The Good Fight Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 41 Episoden von The Good Fight in der Übersicht/10(). The Good Fight. Home. Episodes. Clips & Extras. About the programme. Spin-off from the hugely popular US legal drama The Good Wife, picking up one year after events in the final episode and.
The Good Fight Episodenguide Episodenguide der US-Serie The Good Fight mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Der Finanz-Skandal um ihren Vater beendet die Karriere der ehrgeizigen jungen Anwältin Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), bevor sie . Der The Good Fight Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 41 Episoden von The Good Fight in der Übersicht.


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