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Meredith und Jo arbeiten mit verschiedenen Kunststoffe, begehen Sie beim Anschauen der Clips eine Urheberrechtsverletzung. Einen ersten Eindruck, ist die Vorfreude auf das Turnier in Russland groe, doch Boxers Vergangenheit holt die Gruppe ein: Eine seiner Gefngnisbekanntschaften fordert die Begleichung einer alten Schuld ein.

Charlotte Dilaurentis

Charlotte "CeCe" DiLaurentis/Drake(ehemals Charles Drake) ist ein Charakter in Pretty Little. Große News zu Staffel 7 von „Pretty Little Liars“. In den letzten zehn Folgen kehrt „Bösewicht „A“, Charlotte DiLaurentis. Charlotte DiLaurentis “ Ich weiß, ihr werdet mir nicht glauben, aber ich liebe alle meine Puppen. Deswegen seid ihr alle immer noch am Leben. ” — CeCe zu.

Charlotte DiLaurentis

2/ago/ - Pretty Little Liars Alison Dilaurentis, Mary Drake, and Charlotte Dilaurentis. Große News zu Staffel 7 von „Pretty Little Liars“. In den letzten zehn Folgen kehrt „Bösewicht „A“, Charlotte DiLaurentis. Charlotte DiLaurentis “ Ich weiß, ihr werdet mir nicht glauben, aber ich liebe alle meine Puppen. Deswegen seid ihr alle immer noch am Leben. ” — CeCe zu.

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Charlotte Dilaurentis Namespaces Article Talk. I can't remember". The reasons as to why she did so are still unspecified. Alison attempts to grow closer to Mary but this is thwarted when Mary's true intentions and history is revealed. Alison Lauren DiLaurentis as portrayed by Sasha Pieterse on the television series of the same name. When the story time has finished the girls are scared by an anonymous person named "A" who tries to shoot and kill the girls but mostly John Wick Auf Netflix towards Alison, Wayhaught Serie is later revealed to be Shana. In " Tick-Tock, Bitches ", Elliott commences his physical torture towards Alison at Welby, believing she's held In Aller Freundschaft 2021 for his former lover's murder. Jessica DiLaurentis. Nevertheless, Jenna suspected Noel of stealthily plotting to steal the cash all to himself since his parents had financially cut him off. Retrieved June 19, The A. Charlotte heavily disapproved their relationship and accuses her cousin of merely visiting her in order to get closer to Rollins. An anonymous individual proceeded to return the graphic novel to Gottesman, along with a note instructing him to meet them at The Radley or else his former friendship with Charlotte would be exposed.
Charlotte Dilaurentis Charlotte Drake is a recurring character in the series. She is portrayed by Vanessa Ray She is revealed to be " A " in " Game Over, Charles ". She was Charles DiLaurentis before she became Charlotte DiLaurentis. Charlotte DiLaurentis, better known as CeCe Drake is the older sister to Alison DiLaurentis. Born under the name Charles Drake, Charlotte was adopted by the DiLaurentis family, but was sent to Radley Sanitarium at a young age due to a misunderstanding with her father, who never accepted her due to her liking of dresses. Charlotte DiLaurentis (formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis; born Charles Drake; alias CeCe Drake) is a character on Pretty Little Liars, first introduced in Season 3. She is portrayed by Vanessa Ray (present time) and Dylan Garza and Wyatt Hodge (in flashbacks). Charlotte DiLaurentis (née Charles Drake, alias CeCe Drake) est un personnage des saisons 3 à 7 de Pretty Little Liars. Elle est interprétée par Vanessa Ray. Charlotte Drake is the main antagonist of the television series " Pretty Little Liars ". She is revealed to be " A " and Red Coat, as well as the person who attempted to murder Alison. It is transpired that she stole the "A" game away from Mona Vanderwaal. It is also revealed that she was born as Charles Drake before transitioning into Charlotte.
Charlotte Dilaurentis

Alison made small appearances during the period hiding behind the "A" mask. The DiLaurentis revealed the secret about the twins after a man named Billy Ford was arrested for murdering Alison, saying that they kept the sisters hidden for so long to avoid turmoil in town.

Alison, posing as Courtney, someone unknown to the four girls, invited them to spend a weekend at the family home in the Poconos.

There, they got together and the girls started thinking about introducing "Courtney" to the group. However, they were trapped inside a room and Alison soon revealed the whole truth about the death of the real Courtney, and about her desire for revenge.

Alison then set the building on fire, but the girls managed to escape. Alison then used the following weeks to recover from the fire whilst observing her victims.

In order to finally get her revenge, Alison wrote an entire diary with untrue stories of the girls torturing her while they were keeping her hostage.

The piece was then found by the Rosewood P. DiLaurentis—with police officers. The girls were eventually released from all charges, and Alison was definitely hospitalized.

Actress Sasha Pieterse was cast as Alison DiLaurentis in December Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed to use their strongest secrets against them so that they could, according to her, stay together.

Charming , manipulative , and highly intelligent, Ali was skilled at finding ways to get back at everyone, and many people hated her.

She's been hiding for so long, and she's a victim now. Alison DiLaurentis is introduced as a very popular girl from the suburb of Rosewood, Pennsylvania , and the leader of a clique composed by her, Spencer Hastings , Aria Montgomery , Emily Fields and Hanna Marin.

The first minutes of the pilot episode show the five friends reunited in the barn-turned-loft of the Hastings family during a night of summer vacation.

In the midst of night, Hanna, Emily and Aria wake up to see Spencer arriving back to the barn after leaving to somewhere.

Spencer naively announces that she has heard a scream of Alison, seemingly shaken due to something. Shortly after, Alison is pronounced as a missing person, it's been a while since Alison went missing, and a year later her body is found buried in the backyard of the DiLaurentis' house.

During the year that Alison is missing the friends grew apart, but after the introduction of "A" and the return of Aria Montgomery from a year in Iceland with her family, the friends reunite.

In these flashbacks, Alison is shown as a ruthless, despicable, two-sided teenager who uses the others' secret against themselves. After Ian Thomas is pushed down by "A" from the top of a bell tower and his body goes missing, the girls are forced to keep their friendship a secret and to maintain therapy sessions with Dr.

Anne Sullivan to discuss about Alison's absence in their lives, a fact that their parents believe to be the reason why the girls are behaving strangely.

Garrett Reynolds is arrested for Alison's murder after Jenna Marshall hands the Rosewood Police Department a missing page of Alison's autopsy.

The third season is set five months after the previous one. One night, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria get together in Spencer's living room to drink and enjoy a life without a stalker.

Emily, however, is still mourning over the death of her ex-girlfriend Maya St. Germain , who died in the same night of Mona's reveal.

After drinking more than expected, the girls wake up in the midst of night to discover that Emily has disappeared. They later find her in the cemetery, standing over Alison's grave, with Alison's body missing..

With Emily drugged and they involved in a crime, the girls then promise to keep the secret. They dispose of all evidence connecting them to the happening, including all of Emily's clothes.

A new person using the "A" identity soon restarts the stalking game. Mostly of the season's episodes revolve around the question of where Alison's remains are.

Drake reveals to them that she and Alison were best friends when Alison was alive, years prior. Later on, Alison is shown in more flashbacks of the night she disappeared, with some revealing that Alison met with CeCe, Aria's father, Jenna Marshall and Garrett Reynolds that night.

In sequence, the girls discover, in Alison's biology notebook, a conversation between her and a friend in which Alison talks about a "beach hottie.

In the meantime, Mona and Spencer's boyfriend Toby Cavanaugh are revealed as helpers and double agents of the new "A".

With the help of the two, the girls plot a trap to catch "A," but the stalker uses their own setting against them, and, during a fire, the girls are saved by Red Coat.

Hanna wakes up and sees Red Coat staring at her, and the person is revealed to be Alison. Afterwards, Mona and Spencer claim that they also saw Alison.

On the way back to Rosewood, Mona reveals that Red Coat would sometimes wear a mask that looked like Alison's face, meaning that Red Coat could have just looked like Alison.

After the girls find Alison's diary, they try to understand her. Throughout the season, Alison is shown in several flashbacks concerning her behavior, mostly based on histories written on her diary.

Fortunately, after a Halloween party, the girls follow a Red Coat, from Ravenswood to Rosewood, who is revealed to be Alison.

She tells the girls that she needs their help, but she vanishes shortly after. In the explosive season 4 finale, her friends finally find out what happened the night Alison went missing.

When the story time has finished the girls are scared by an anonymous person named "A" who tries to shoot and kill the girls but mostly pointing towards Alison, this is later revealed to be Shana.

When Shana Fring is killed by Aria Montgomery after being revealed as "A" and turning on Ali and the girls, Alison returns home to Rosewood after and reports to the cops.

Alison makes up a story about her disappearance saying that she was kidnapped. While the girls were in New York, back in Rosewood Jessica DiLaurentis Alison's mother was killed and buried in the Hastings backyard.

By the mid season Alison and her best friends group partially disband due to the fact that the other girls believe Alison has gone rogue after she tells the police that Cyrus Petrillo is her kidnapper, even though she was never actually kidnapped.

This leads to them believe she might be the new "A" and is responsible for her mother's death, by the mid season finale, Alison is accused of killing Mona Vanderwaal , and is departed from her group until Alison's arrest for Mona's murder.

While Ali is in jail, the girls head to Mona's house to see if Mona left them any clues before she died, after locating a barrel in which the girls believe is Mona's body, Hanna is arrested as an accessory for helping Ali kill Mona, as the trial begins Alison is found guilty for the murders and the rest of the girls are arrested as well as accessories to this.

While being transported, Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer are stopped by "A" and kidnapped and taken to "A"'s dollhouse, where they find an alive Mona, and a shaken-up Sara Harvey , who went missing the same time Alison did from Courtland.

In the beginning of season 6, we see Alison out of jail for a mistakened killing of Mona , and the girls with Mona are still in the dollhouse being tortured and tormented.

Alison comes up with a plan with Ezra Fitz , Toby Cavanaugh , and Caleb Rivers to find the girls and make sure they come home soon. The girls are rescued and come home after being diagnosed for having PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder from their time spent kidnapped.

During " Gamma Zeta Die! In " Under the Gun ", Charlotte hot-wires a car while wearing a mask of Emily's face. When Toby and Caleb go to investigate Red Coat's flight plan in the episode " Crash and Burn, Girl!

During " The Guilty Girl's Handbook ", Big A is seen drilling holes in the floor of the DiLaurentis house. In " Into the Deep ", Paige throws Emily a surprise birthday party at her aunt's lake house.

While Aria and Emily are looking for Spencer outside, Emily spots a body floating face down in the lake. She rushes in panic and turns the body over to see that it's Jenna.

Emily thinks whoever bashed her in the back of her head did it to make sure she didn't tell the Liars whatever information she withhold about Alison.

Shana Fring later admits to Spencer at the hospital the person Jenna was afraid of was CeCe. She places a sheet of music in an envelope with the name "Toby Cavanaugh" written on it, whilst drinking wine.

After Caleb finds CeCe's address from an old cable bill in " The Mirror Has Three Faces ", Aria heads there and talks to CeCe's old roommate.

She reveals that Alison got CeCe kicked out of college after she pushed a girl down a flight of stairs at a frat party in " The Badass Seed ".

However, Alison later reveals in the seventh-season episode " Exes and OMGs " that Noel was actually responsible for this incident and later used this information to blackmail him.

In it, she has a flashback of a time when she received a phone call from Radley Sanitarium saying that Alison had checked in.

When she got there she encountered CeCe dressed as Ali. Jessica described their friendship to Spencer and Hanna as obsessive and toxic, stating that "they 'wore' each other's personalities".

The girls realize that the "Alison" masks that Alison purchased weren't for them, she probably had them made for CeCe.

CeCe makes her first official appearance in the fourth season during the episode " Bring Down the Hoe ". She is seen in an apartment filled with pictures of Alison DiLaurentis and the Liars, dating all the way back from Halloween We also see that she has a red coat, hinting at the fact that CeCe potentially spied on the Liars at the hoedown they attended earlier.

She takes the knitting utensil and stabs the Mona doll. In " Now You See Me, Now You Don't ", the Liars are convinced that CeCe did indeed murder Darren Wilden as a sketch of a blonde woman resembling her physical features is shown on the news.

As the girls realize that there are in fact two Red Coats while saving Emily in Ravenswood, Spencer chases after one while Aria chases after the other.

During a brief struggle in which her Alison mask is kicked off by Aria, CeCe is revealed to be one of the Red Coats, and is the evil one that had been working against the Liars.

While the Liars are contemplating calling the police, CeCe's hand is seen twitching, and when the Liars turn around she has seemingly disappeared.

During " Who's In The Box ", Big A is spotted opening a secret basement in Ezra Fitz's cabin. According to Travis in " Love ShAck, Baby ", CeCe was last spotted in Maryland on the run from the authorities.

In " Close Encounters ", A slices a picture of Ali and Shana when they were younger in half and symbolically lights the half with Shana's face on fire.

There's a possibility that this person was Shana Fring. During " Bite Your Tongue ", Big A shreds Radley's visiting documents and uses the shredded paper to line Tippi's cage.

In " Hot for Teacher ", Big A empties an envelope containing prescription pads with Wren's name and credentials.

During " Free Fall ", A collects the pages of Ezra's book. During " She's Come Undone ", it was revealed that CeCe witnessed a fight between Spencer Hastings and Alison DiLaurentis the night of Ali's disappearance and that [23] Jessica DiLaurentis paid CeCe to be quiet about it.

At the end of " Cover For Me ", Big A cuts a loose string on a wedding dress, foreshadowing the events of " Unbridled ".

During the season finale " A is for Answers ", CeCe is detained by Detective Gabriel Holbrook and questioned about Wilden's homicide. In " Escape from New York ", CeCe is taken away by officer Barry Maple to be sent to jail, however, at some point she knocks him unconscious, steals his cop car and heads off to New York where Alison and the Liars are.

Drake finds Ali and asks for her help since Alison owed CeCe a favor for helping her out in Ravenswood.

Alison offers her a plane ticket to France and she leaves the country, under the alias of Vivian Darkbloom. When Emily catches Alison, she divulges that CeCe was being paid by Ezra for information.

Ali further claims to have asked her to dress up as Red Coat only to distract "Big A". However, it's revealed much later that, unbeknownst to Alison, CeCe was the person who stole the "A" game from Mona and donned the Red Coat disguise during some of her missions.

Ali also reveals that Drake was accountable for Wilden's murder. Drake is absent for the following three episodes, seeing as she headed to France.

She blows up the Cavanaugh's house and is seen texting the Liars while moving her belongings into a new lair. During " The Silence of the E.

Lamb ", "Big A", opens up Ella's engagement party letter and takes a picture of the item before gluing it back together as if it were never open.

In " Scream For Me ", "Big A" walks through Spencer's room, flipping up a hidden panel under a couch cushion that ultimately opens up a secret compartment at the Hastings house.

During " March of Crimes ", "Big A" is at the Optometrics office Spencer frequented, eavesdropping on what is happening to Ali at the police station through the usage of her mp3 player.

In " A Dark Ali ", "Big A" folds laundry, including a striped candy pinafore. During " Taking This One to the Grave ", "Big A" allegedly murders Mona Vanderwaal.

She later replaces the baby Jesus ornament with a Mona doll and opens up the trunk of her car, revealing Mona's body.

She then makes a snow globe with the picture of The Liars. In " How the 'A' Stole Christmas ", CeCe returns to Rosewood to comfort Ali on her first Christmas without Jessica.

In order to remain unseen, Drake wears a white cloak and offers Alison a bottle of customized perfume before warning her the Liars were there and not "to say Merry Christmas", meaning she does not trust them.

The two later escape the ball after Alison hands to Cindy and Mindy their clothes as well as "Alison" masks and blonde wigs to trick the Liars.

At the end of the episode, "Big A" lights up a Christmas tree outside Spencer's house with the message "Merry Christmas, Bitches - A".

During " Over a Barrel ", "Big A" sneaks into Holbrook's office and hacks into the Rosewood PD site on her computer.

In " The Bin of Sin ", "Big A" shines UV light on the door which leads to an ice cream factory containing Mona's clothes, looking for the Liars' fingerprints.

During " Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me ", "Big A" becomes angry when the tape is missing from the binding in Mona's book.

In " Out, Damned Spot ", "Big A" drops Hanna's blood onto the clothes Mona wore when she died. During " Pretty Isn't The Point ", "Big A" walks into Mike's room and starts lifting the gym equipment as exercises.

During " The Melody Lingers On ", "Big A" shreds Paul Varjak's documents and uses the shredded paper to line Tippi's cage, paralleling an exact scene from the fourth season.

In " I'm a Good Girl, I Am ", Charlotte plays with the Liars' dolls minus Alison's in a vehicle that escorts them to prison.

After that, she prepares her tuxedo for the demented prom, foreshadowing the torturous events of " Welcome to the Dollhouse ". During " Don't Look Now ", "Big A" is seen seated in front of a computer looking at the location of the Liars, revealing she placed trackers in them.

In " She's No Angel ", "Big A" creates a doll-sized wig of Aria's hairstyle with pink highlights. During " O Brother, Where Art Thou ", "Big A" receives a present from her ally presumably Sara Harvey.

The gift is unveiled to be a portrait of a young Charles DiLaurentis accompanied by a young Jason and Alison at his 12th birthday party. In " FrAmed ", "Big A" is monotoring footage from Rosewood's Art Gallery when her ally, costumed as Red Coat, arrives at their lair.

At the end of the episode, "Big A" places six syringes in the trunk of her car, while Red Coat hands her an envelope from the driver's seat.

The item contains two tickets to Rosewood High's prom. During " Last Dance ", "Big A" abducts Alison at her high school prom and takes her backstage to unmask herself.

In the mid-season finale of the sixth season " Game Over, Charles ", CeCe is revealed to be the mysterious antagonist that has tormented the Liars throughout their senior year.

At the ending of the previous episode, CeCe then unknown abducts Alison and takes her to Radley Sanitarium, where she recounts her story to Ali.

Meanwhile, the Liars assist through a live feed in a vault at the Carissimi Group. Drake reveals to have been born as a boy named Charles DiLaurentis, and when he was 7 years old, he gave Alison a bath, but accidentally dropped her in the scalding hot water.

Ali was saved by Kenneth, but as a consequence Charles was admitted to Radley. According to CeCe, as a child she frequently asked her mother to purchase her dresses but Kenneth despised his son for being feminine, so he used the bathtub incident as an excuse to send him away.

Despite feeling lonely while residing at Radley, Jessica paid a visit to Charles as often as she could, in an attempt to make him feel less alienated.

When Charles was 12 years old, Bethany Young pushed Toby's mother Marion Cavanaugh off the roof of Radley, presumably to protect his femininity.

However, Bethany double-crossed Charles and blamed him for Marion's homicide. The staff at Radley believed her accusations due to the fact that Charles was wearing a dress at the time and didn't want to be seen in it.

Jessica paid off a young Officer Wilden to make sure Mrs. Cavanaugh's death was ruled a suicide. Charles was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder IED , though this was actually an accurate diagnosis for Bethany.

For the subsequent 2 years he was heavily medicated with tranquilizers, but was let out to attend his symbolic fake funeral. After the funeral took place at Carol Ward's house, Jessica finally embraced Charles as her daughter.

She allowed his return to Radley as a female, renamed Charlotte. Charlotte dedicated herself to math as a way to escape reality, which allowed her to attend classes at the University of Pennsylvania.

She thought going to school would be fun but it was easy for her since she already knew what she was being taught. One day, she called in a bomb threat to cancel classes.

She used the opportunity to go to Rosewood High for yearbook picture day where she met Jason. She briefly dated him under the CeCe Drake alias, in order to get closer to her family.

Jessica didn't know that CeCe Drake and Charlotte were the same person until the day the DiLaurentis were leaving for Cape May. Though initially angered at her children's incestuous relationship, Jessica allows Charlotte to go on vacation with the rest of the family.

In Cape May, Charlotte became close friends with Alison and even planned on telling her they were related. However, Bethany found out about Mrs.

D's affair with her father, thus ruining Charlotte's opportunity to tell her sister the truth. On Labor Day Weekend, the night of Alison's disappearance, Bethany stole Charlotte's clothes and snuck out of Radley to hurt Jessica at the DiLaurentis property.

Charlotte broke out as well, in order to prevent Young from harming her mother. She stumbled upon a blonde in the front yard and bashes her in the skull with a rock.

Charlotte immediately realizes that she actually hit Alison, not Bethany. Jessica buried Ali out of panic and paid Wilden to take Charlotte back to Radley.

The medical staff at Radley took away Charlotte's out privileges but once Mona was admitted to the sanitarium, she took advantage of her drugged up state and manipulated her into telling everything she had done as "A".

After Charlotte permanently got out of Radley, she moved into Rosewood, where she purposely met the Liars, and began hating the girls due to their relief over Alison's disappearance.

Charlotte kept seeing a blonde girl in a red coat that resembled Ali, so she sent Sara Harvey to dress up as Red Coat and act as a decoy in the night of the lodge incident at Thornhill.

Melissa also secretly ordered Shana and Jenna to keep tabs on the Liars, since she too had her own suspicions that Ali was alive.

Charlotte's intentions were to lure Alison out of hiding, but things took a left turn when Shana set fire to the lodge.

Nonetheless, Aria, Emily and Spencer were rescued by Sara and Alison arrived just in time to save Hanna, therefore giving Charlotte the much needed confirmation that her sister was alive.

She killed Wilden to protect Alison since he would have never allowed her to return to Rosewood, and sent Sara to his funeral disguised as the Black Widow to ensure he was deceased.

Before Charlotte fled to New York, she snuck home to say goodbye to her mother, only to find her lifeless body laying on the DiLaurentis' backyard.

Following her mother's passing, she saw the events in New York as the perfect opportunity to end the "A" game and begin a new life in Paris, but eventually came back due to her addiction to power.

Sara, dressed as Red Coat, sets a bomb to detonate inside of Radley as part of Charlotte's final plan to kill her family along with herself.

The Liars managed to prevent any collateral damage from happening, since Spencer disabled the bomb while Emily punched Sara for betraying her.

Charlotte then runs towards the roof and attempts to commit suicide. However, the Liars arrive in time to persuade her not to and Charlotte instead declares the ending to her reign as "A".

In the following episode " Of Late I Think of Rosewood ", it is revealed that Charlotte spent the subsequent five years under medical care at the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital.

Despite the Liars' hesitation to testify in favor of Charlotte's release from the hospital, the girls, aside from Aria, ended up lying for Alison and stated that they were no longer traumatized by the events her older sister had put them through.

The court approved Charlotte's release, however, it is revealed that Mona confronted her that night and that Charlotte intended on hurting the Liars to which they got in a fight and Charlotte got thrown against a metal staple that killed her and soon thrown off by Mona, soon being found dead the following day after allegedly committing suicide.

After the funeral, the Liars were advised to stay in Rosewood, since the authorities ruled the events of Charlotte's death a homicide and they would be possibly held in for questioning.

A mysterious entity observes the Liars in a car before it drives off. During " Charlotte's Web ", Spencer finds out that Charlotte was killed in a copycat manner off a murder she wrote an essay about in college.

The Liars later suspect Aria of being accountable for Charlotte's death after security footage at The Radley reveals that Ezra met up with her at the hotel and both left during the time her former tormentor was killed.

When confronted by her friends, Aria decides to come clean about that night and reveals she couldn't sleep so she wanted to talk to Ezra and the two went for a walk around town.

Around the time she departed with Ezra, both witnessed whom it appeared to be Charlotte entering the church moments before being murdered.

At the end of the episode, an unidentified individual places flowers on Charlotte's fresh grave next to Jessica DiLaurentis', prior to walking over to a black car.

In " The Gloves Are On ", Ezra refuses to talk about his whereabouts the night Charlotte was murdered and the Liars begin receiving text messages from their newest tormentor.

At the end of the episode, an unseen person is holding a pair of Charlotte's signature black hoodies and gloves and dumps them into a garbage bin before searching for "UNIFORMS" on Google.

When the murder weapon is revealed to be a nine iron in " New Guys, New Lies ", Aria, with Emily's assistance, tries to find out if Ezra is guilty.

Unable to get into Ezra's loft as he is out of town, Aria breaks in. In the loft, she witnesses that Ezra's nine iron isn't missing, but then overhears a voicemail coming in from her dad and worries that Byron might have had something to do with Charlotte's death.

Later, Aria checks Byron's car to see his golf clubs and its nine iron is missing. After breaking into Sara Harvey's hotel room in " Do Not Disturb ", and finding out that she's staying in what used to be Charlotte's former room at Radley, Aria and Spencer continue their investigation process in " Where Somebody Waits For Me ".

They discover a hole in the wall with a ladder leading down to a mysterious alley. There, they stumble upon an electric switchboard, presuming it was used upon Charlotte when she was admitted to Radley.

They also uncover a secret passage that leads to somewhere out the back of the hotel which they suspect is how Sara has been getting in and out of the hotel unseen, fueling the possibility that she's avenging her former employer's death.

Detective Tanner later divulges to the Liars that someone dialed Charlotte from the Two Crows diner the night she passed away. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia.

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Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Vanessa Ray interpreta Charlotte DiLaurentis nella serie televisiva. Pretty Little Liars.

Marlene King. Vanessa Ray.

The girls show Ted a picture of Drake and ask him if he has seen her, to which Wilson informs them that he hasn't. The sisters share a final embrace and Charlotte gives Alex her favourite Patsy Cline 's Greatest Hits record as a goodbye gift. Download as PDF Printable version. Alison offers her a plane ticket to France and she leaves the country, under the alias of Vivian Darkbloom. Emily comes backs to snoop around Teufels Küche lifts up a tarp covering a car. Dennoch hält sich ein Theorie hartnäckig: Charlotte Es kursieren zahlreiche Theorien und noch immer kann nicht gesagt werden, was wirklich passiert. Die Liars begeben sich dorthin und sind der Überzeugung, dass sich die Leiche im Fake-Grab von Stuttgart Nord DiLaurentis befinden muss.

Mit der Einfhrung Oscar Vom Regen In Die Traufe Sonnenkalenders Charlotte Dilaurentis anderem durch die Christen nderte sich dies jedoch. - Caleb konfrontiert Mona

Staffel sein endgültiges Ende finden.
Charlotte Dilaurentis Charlotte Drake ist eine fiktive Figur in Pretty Little Liars, einer amerikanischen Mystery-Drama-Fernsehserie, die auf der gleichnamigen Romanreihe von Sara Shepard basiert. Charlotte ist eine Figur, die nur in der Fernsehserie zu sehen ist und. Charlotte "CeCe" DiLaurentis/Drake(ehemals Charles Drake) ist ein Charakter in Pretty Little. Charlotte's Mörder war ein ehemals bislang anonymer Charakter, welcher schuld an dem Tod von Charlotte DiLaurentis war. Dieser Charakter wurde von. Charlotte Drake bzw. CeCe Drake ist die von Alison. CeCe ist A, Charles und Charlotte 1 Spencer Hastings; 2 Alison DiLaurentis; 3 Charlotte DiLaurentis.


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