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Meals ready to eat, also known as mre , are self-contained, single matter rations in lightweight packages subscribed by the Department of Defense of the United States of America for its soldiers in service to ingest during combat or any other field situations where proper food supplying facilities are not possible. Each meal provides about twelve hundred calories (more than fifty hundred kilojoules). They are envisioned to be ingested before a maximum of twenty-one days, assuming that logistics Armed Forces units are able to deliver fresh food provisions after that, they also, have a minimum storage life of three years, depending on the storing settings and environment. Companies that offer MRE for sale have to meet these requirements for their products to be distributed and consumed.

Packaging standards are severe. Meals ready to eat must be able to endure parachute drops from more than 3 hundred and eighty meters, which is one and a quarter feet, and non-parachute regular drops of thirty meters high (ninety eight feet) The wrapping is required to sustain a minimum storage life cycle of, at maximum, three and a half years at twenty seven grades Celsius, eighty one grades Fahrenheit; in a middle time terms, nine months at thirty eight grades Celsius, a hundred grades Fahrenheit. And short durations from minus fifty-one grades Celsius, minus sixty grades Fahrenheit to forty-nine grades Celsius, one hundred and twenty grades Fahrenheit, within those conditions, the product must be sustainable. New methods of packing are being deliberated to better meet these standards, including the usage of a protein found in corn, zein to substitute the foil, which can be easily pierced, it also, conducts heat and reflects light, which, ultimately, could give away the position of the service member.

Each meal ready to eat weighs from five hundred and ten to seven hundred and forty grams, eighteen to twenty-six ounces, depending on the entrée. Since these meals contain water, they are heavier than frozen dried portions but provide them the same amount of calories, which means fewer costs for the Army. If trying to buy MRE, best go to

Posted on October 25, 2018